John R. Hall

When asked about the pitfalls of publishing his first book, John said "The problem with writing a book in this day and age and trying to get it noticed is that America is a soundbite society with an attention span which is measured in nanoseconds. Covid-19's arrival on the scene, and the neo-Right's ensuing cantankerous anecdotal debate in the face of scientific evidence, derailed promoting my first book."

Hall is the author of 2020's Red, White, and the Blues: A Long and Hard Ride over Treacherous Terrain. In response to the United States' 2016 presidential election, John founded Hunting For His forthcoming book, Hunting for Thompson: Daggers from a Desperate Patriot, is slated for an October/November 2021 release.

John studied journalism, communications, psychology, and the dramatic arts while attending City College in San Diego, California. A lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, and an engaged observer of life, John has been a street performer, cab driver, magician, IT/IS specialist, long-haul trucker, soldier, and oil field worker—all while struggling with PTSD, childhood abuse, parental abandonment, and dyslexia. When he published Red, White, and the Blues, John fulfilled his life-long desire of becoming an author.

On the the process of writing his first book, John said "It is not unsimilar to the process of rehearsing before a performance. The preparation is a lonely, private affair—even if collaborators are involved. Throughout the entire creative process, there’s an unrelenting, nagging knowledge that an audience will be exposed to one’s art, and this gives one great pause. The reality and constant awareness that people will see one’s creativity permeates the whole process, triggering anguish over each verbal inflection and physical motion for the performer—and over each word, punctuation mark, font stylization, sentence transition, design, and layout of the final product for the writer. It’s not natural to stand exposed for all to see. It is enticingly nerve-racking. It’s yin and yang at its finest. It is a curse to be an artist.”

Between 2018 through 2021, John was waylaid in Las Vegas, Nevada. In June of 2019 he began writing the story of his travels and published Red, White, and the Blues in August of 2020. As of Labor Day weekend 2021, exactly three decades after being forced to flee his Pacific Northwest home, John returned to Seattle. At sixty-three he now resides near the Emerald City's skyline, along Bitter Lake's shoreline. When asked what he did during his thirty-year absence, John said he was "on a long and hard ride over treacherous terrain. If you're interested in the story," he continued, "you'll just have to 'buy the ticket and take the ride.' It's all in my book: Red, White, and the Blues."

Bitter Lake

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