Biker, street performer, cab driver, magician, IT/IS specialist, long-haul trucker, soldier, and oil field worker John Richard “Little Ricky” Hall has done damn near everything in this life—and taken more than his fair share of hard knocks in the process. Red, White, and the Blues is both a riveting account of a fateful cross-country motorcycle ride and a searing indictment of the American dream.

In 2011, North Dakota’s Bakken oil boom was turning the earth (literally) and men (figuratively) inside out, even as it generated unprecedented wealth. John R. Hall was on the verge of securing his future in the Bakken when a confrontation with a coworker led him to leave it all behind and head across the US on his Harley “Deuce.” Pursued by the screeching demons of abuse, financial distress, and his own tortured thoughts, John would find heartache and rough terrain on the open road—but also the kindness of strangers and sights of heartbreaking beauty.

Part memoir, part collection of essays, part political treatise, Red, White, and the Blues is a must-read for motorcycle enthusiasts and anyone who’s struggled to find their place in the world. At turns funny, emotionally devastating, and incisive, Hall’s work will enthrall readers as he offers affecting commentary on racism, politics, and depression—as well as friendship and the incomparable freedom of riding long and hard.




Red, White, and the Blues is the searing account of a thirty-six-day cross-country motorcycle ride undertaken by wandering spirit and jack-of-all-trades John R. Hall. Piloting his beloved Softail Deuce, John made his way across the country and back while coming face-to-face with the American Dream.

Somewhere around the tenth hour of riding is where it happens. The biker is dug in deep, in it for the long haul, committed to riding long and hard. The biker becomes one with the bike, in synch with the tires on the road and his own weary limbs and the roar of the wind. For John, this is when he escapes the ravages of life and dives deep inside, the only place he can truly arrive at the core of his existence and find what he most craves: his share of peace and self-acceptance.

In this searing account bikers find all-too-relatable experiences, from expensive repairs to fielding questions from biker wannabees to the mortification of dropping your motorcycle. Red, White, and the Blues is the perfect read for bikers everywhere—or for anyone who’s ever dreamed of life on the open road.


Lots of people complain about their jobs. For John R. Hall, his bad day at the office meant getting crushed between two semitrucks.

In Red, White, and the Blues, jack-of-all-trades and wandering spirit John R. Hall delivers the riveting account of a fateful thirty-six-day cross-country motorcycle ride. Part and parcel with the events of that journey, John’s remembrances of his time as an over-the-road trucker lend texture to a narrative of undeniable impact.

After 9/11 put paid to John’s chances of opening a restaurant franchise, he found himself adrift and in search of direction. Then inspiration struck. The trucking industry held much of the glittering promise he’d always found on his bike: most particularly in the form of the open road and the forced isolation he craved. So for eight years, John traversed America’s highways, commanding eighteen wheels in what was essentially an eighty-thousand-pound missile. But when a fuel-stop chat with a fellow trucker saw him nearly crushed to death after being trapped between two semitrucks, John knew his days in the industry were numbered.

John’s recollections of life as an over-the-road trucker share space with equally engaging insights into his many other occupations, including street performer, cab driver, magician, IT/IS specialist, soldier, and oil field worker. Red, White, and the Blues is a must-read for anyone who’s ever dreamed of riding alone into the sunset.


John R. Hall had a story to tell, and dyslexia was a part of that story.

In Red, White, and the Blues John R. Hall delivers the account of a thirty-six-day cross-country motorcycle ride he took in 2011. When John set out to write his book, he knew he had an important story to tell, but little in his life has been easy, and embracing his dyslexia would prove one of the final steps of his journey.

John is blessed with the natural ability to transfer his voice to the page, a rare thing for writers. But dyslexia means the words can swim about on that very page, seeming to willfully defy his attempts to get them back in order. In writing Red, White, and the Blues, essentially the story of John’s journey through life, told through the narrative of a thirty-six day motorcycle trip across the United States of America, John had to overcome not his dyslexia but his fear of turning his work over to the world and being judged for spelling, for misordered words, for any of the literary pitfalls that dyslexia can exacerbate. Finding a trusted editor, John didn’t so much as overcome his dyslexia as he partnered with it, and in the process he fulfilled his life’s dream by bringing his book into the world.

Red, White, and the Blues is the story of a man’s journey to the heart of his being—a landscape of alternating barrenness, beauty, and vulnerability. For anyone afraid to put pen to paper because of dyslexia, this book is itself a triumph. And for readers everywhere, this book is a riveting account of a life, a journey, and a head-to-head collision with the American Dream.

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John R. Hall
Writer and Blogger

John said, "The real problem with writing a book in this day and age and trying to get it noticed is that America is a soundbite society with an attention span which is measured in nanoseconds."

John is the author of Red, White, and the Blues: A Long and Hard Ride over Treacherous Terrain and the founder of the Hunting For Thompson.com writers blog.

John studied journalism, communications, psychology, and the dramatic arts while attending City College in San Diego, California. A lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, John has been a street performer, cab driver, magician, IT/IS specialist, long-haul trucker, soldier, and oil field worker—all while struggling with PTSD, childhood abuse, parental abandonment, and dyslexia.

At sixty-two, John now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he penned the stories of his travels while hoping to get back home to Seattle, Washington.


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The below excerpts are from John’s book: Red, White, and the Blues: A Long and Hard Ride over Treacherous Terrain. In it he chronicles his 2011 cross-country, coast-to-coast, thirty-six day motorcycle ride while memorializing key aspects and life changing moments from his life—and John offers commentary on America’s past and current turbulent times. The excerpts are presented in chronological order and are divided by weeks. The pictures and excerpts are displayed four to a page/grid. Below the pictures will be a paging navigation system to view the following set of four pictures.

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